Reception for the new PhD students of the doctoral study program Strategic Communication Management

Alma Mater Europaea – ECM proudly announces the begin of lectures for the 1st generation of PhD students at the doctoral program Strategic Communication Management (SKM) that is lead by the Dean, prof.dr. Mario Plenković.

The festive opening, intended for students, saw many academics from the Slovene and Croatian academic environment, expressing congratulations to the management of Alma Mater.

“We are proud to be able to offer a high quality, innovative and interdisciplinary study program at the doctoral level. Future students of Alma Mater are carefully selected and full of optimism, working with them will be a pleasure and we expect a high level of commitment” said prof. dr. Mario Plenković, Dean of the study programme SKM na Alma Mater.

In addition to technical and administrative advice, the first day already included lectures and seminars by the following professors: prof. dr. Mario Plenkovič, prof. dr. Thomas Bauer, prof. dr. Minka Zlateva, assoc. prof. dr. Jurij Toplak, assist. prof. dr. Daria Mustić, assist. prof. dr. Suzana Žilič Fišer and guest lecturers, delivered by professionals from the communication industry: Božidar Novak, Tomaž Ritlop and Tatjana Novak. 

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