Ballet dancers started with their academic activities

Alma Mater Europaea - ECM officially started the study program for the 1st generation of students in the program Ballet (1st Bologna degree).

“We are proud to have such excellent students, enrolled in the 1st year of the study program Ballet. We are also proud that our Dean, assist. prof. dr. Svebor Sečak managed to connect our Dance Academy with the most representative ballet institutions in St. Petersburg and Budapest. This study is the first academic Ballet study program ever in Slovenia” said prof. dr. Ludvik Toplak, president of Alma Mater Europaea – ECM (Dance Academy being associate member of Alma Mater). Prof. Toplak also mentioned that dance and ballet are among those arts that Slovenia as the only country in Europe has not offered at academic level. Assist. prof. dr. Svebor Svečak, Dean of the Dance Academy, said: “Today is a historic day for ballet in Slovenia. The first generation of students, coming to Alma Mater from the Slovene national theatres in Ljubljana and Maribor, and the Conservatory of music and ballet Maribor, will in the future years take over mentorship over the next generations. We are glad that top ballet dancers and teachers have recognized the Dance Academy as the next step up for their career in the academic area.”

Ballet study program will be carried out in Maribor at Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, in cooperation with partner institutions – the Slovene national theatre (SNG) Maribor and the Conservatory of Music and Ballet, Maribor. We are especially proud to count the soloists of SNG Maribor, Anton Bogov and Tijuana Križman Hudernik among our students.





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